12 Christmas Wishes for My Dog

Starring: Elisa Donovan, Fred Willard, Gabrielle Carteris, Michael Gross and David O'Donnell

Christmas is right around the corner and Laura Lindsey's life is falling apart!  Having to deal with both a conniving boss and a vindictive neighbor determined to rat her out for having a dog, Laura is at her wits end.  When a friend recommends a life coach, Laura decides to give it a shot.  Thanks to a little holiday magic, Laura ends up in the office of Noel, a quirky woman who may or may not be an angel.  To help her out, Noel gives Laura 12 wishes for the holidays, but the wishes have unintended consequences and end up causing more trouble than they help.  Now with the clock ticking, Laura has until Christmas Eve to make things right... and this time she'll have to do it without magic.