The Dog Who Saved Christmas

Starring: Dean Cain, Elisa Donovan, Gary Valentine and Mario Lopez

The Bannisters are about to celebrate the holidays in their new house. But a string of burglaries in the neighborhood has George Bannister (Gary Valentine) thinking it might be a blue Christmas unless he gets a watchdog. So he goes out and does something he's sure will save the day -- and irk his wife. He brings home Zeus, a real-life ex-police dog with a hero's pedigree. 
One slight problem: Zeus can't -- or won't -- bark, and he acts like a big puppy, which sort of limits his abilities as a watchdog. Suddenly, it looks like Zeus will have to find another home after the holidays ... unless he can prove his mettle. Zeus gets the chance when a burglar (Dean Cain) and his sidekick target the Bannisters' house while the family's away on Christmas Eve. Home alone, it's up to Zeus to chase away the bad guys, but does he have the stuff to save Christmas?