House of Secrets (2014)

Starring: Bianca Lawson, Neil Jackson, Stephanie Jacobsen, Brendan Fehr, Costas Mandylor.

Inspired by true events. Relieved to finally divorce her abusive, bullying husband SAM  (Neil Jackson – “Make It or Break It”), JULIE MANNING (Bianca Lawson – “Teen Wolf”) determined to move forward with her life, despite having to move into the house Sam was building for them until she's able to sell it.

Her best friend and lawyer, ALISON (Stephanie Jacobsen – “Melrose Place”) convinces her to stay in the house for a while until she figures out what she is going to do. Having hired handyman TYLER JORDAN (Brendan Fehr – “Roswell”) to work on some of the things that still need to be fixed in the new construction, Julie begins to realize that someone appears to be breaking into her house at will and watching her every move. She even consults with seasoned Police Detective MORRISON (Costas Mandylor – “Picket Fences”) who investigates the matter. The question is, could it be Tyler, whom she barely knows, or Sam, whom she knows all too well?