Peter Sullivan

Peter Sullivan serves as the Vice President and Co-Producer for HYBRID.  In addition to over thirty produced screenplays for producers such as New Line Cinema, Regent, Cinetel Pictures and HYBRID, Sullivan also spent years in development, working for Wilshire Court Productions, Landscape Entertainment, Artisan Television and Hearst Entertainment.

He has helped oversee over twenty movies for HYBRID, some of which he has written and directed. Sullivan wrote the screenplay for ABANDONED starring the late Brittany Murphy (in her last movie role) along with Mimi Rogers, Dean Cain and Peter Bogdanovich.  In 2011, directed his first feature for Hybrid, THE DOG WHO SAVED HALLOWEEN, starring Elisa Donovan, Gary Valentine, Dean Cain and Lance Henriksen.

Recently, he wrote and directed SUMMONED for Hybrid, starring Cuba Gooding, Jr., Ashley Scott and Bailey Chase.