Summoned (2013)

Starring: Cuba Gooding Jr., Ashley Scott and Bailey Chase

Recently divorced artist Laura lives a quiet life in Marin County, spending time preparing for an upcoming show. One day she sees a news story that a man, NATHAN, has been found dead, suspected of having jumped off the roof of his San Francisco apartment building. It turns out that Laura, Frank and Nathan all served on the jury for one of San Francisco's most high profile cases: EVAN BARBER, an infamous serial killer known as the Midnight Murderer. The jury ultimately found Evan guilty and he was executed soon after. 

With the help of Police Detective JOHN CALLENDAR, Laura tracks down another former juror, SONIA, who also suspects that someone's been watching her. Sonia, who is strongly superstitious, has an unusual theory for what's going on: what if the Midnight Murderer has returned from beyond the grave to get revenge on the jurors who sentenced him to death? It turns out that the jurors are being killed in order and after Sonia is found dead Laura is next in line. Now she has to get to the bottom of the supernatural mystery before it's too late. However there are secrets behind this case that only John knows.
Now, with time running out, Laura has to get to the bottom of the supernatural mystery and confront the true killer.